How to Fix Peeling Numbers on a Sports Jersey

How to Fix Peeling Numbers on a Sports Jersey

Posted by The LRD Community Team on Jul 31st 2023

How to Fix Peeling Numbers on a Sports Jersey

Every sports fan knows that numbers can begin to peel off your jersey after a few wears or washes. It is unattractive and annoying to look at, but with a few simple steps, you can learn how to fix peeling jersey numbers.

In this article, we break down how to fix peeling numbers and ways that you can regularly care for your shirts so that numbers never peel off your jerseys.

Why Do Numbers Peel Off Jerseys?

If you look closely at your sports jerseys, you will see that the numbers come from a plastic decal that affixes to the shirt. The numbers are not sewn into the fabric but are attached by an adhesive.

No matter the sport, excessive wear or washings can cause the numbers to begin peeling off a jersey. Over time, the numbers start to peel away from the plastic backing. This process is annoying to deal with and to look at.

Steps to Fix Peeling Numbers

Luckily, you can fix peeling jersey numbers using a few household items. Below, we break down the steps you can take to easily fix peeling numbers.

Wash Your Jersey

Before you begin to fix peeling numbers, you want to start with a clean and washed jersey. Place the jersey in the washing machine and let it dry.

Gather Your Equipment

You can fix numbers peeling off a jersey with items you have lying around the house. Grab an iron, a piece of paper, a towel or piece of cardboard, and your newly-cleaned jersey.

Place the Jersey on the Towel or Cardboard

Situate the jersey on a heat-resistant surface, such as a towel or piece of cardboard. The numbers peeling off a jersey should be face-up and completely visible.

Cover the Numbers With Paper

To learn how to fix peeling jersey numbers, begin by placing a piece of paper on the shirt. The piece of paper should completely cover the peeling jersey numbers you will be repairing.

The paper will protect your jersey from the heat of the iron, but it’s thin enough to allow the heat to fix peeling numbers. Regular white printer paper works well for this step. Underneath the paper, the numbers should lie as flat as possible.

Begin to Iron the Jersey

Turn the iron and give it a few minutes to heat up. At this point, ensure that the iron’s steamer is not turned on. For most clothes, the iron’s steam smooths out wrinkles, but in this case, you only want direct heat from the iron.

Place the iron over the paper and apply the heat to the jersey. Do this process gradually, lifting the iron after a few seconds and checking that you are working on the right peeling number off of the jersey. Begin to add more time and pressure, continuing to double-check if the numbers are beginning to stick to the fabric of the jersey.

Stop Ironing and Remove the Paper

Once the number is completely affixed to the jersey, stop ironing and place it to the side. Remove the paper immediately so that it does not permanently attach itself to the shirt. Pull the paper off in one quick motion.

Complete an Inspection and Continue Ironing as Necessary

After completing the last step, carefully inspect the jersey and notice which parts need improvements. While this process will fix peeling jersey numbers, it likely will take a few applications. Continue to iron over the piece of paper until the number is firmly reattached.

Regular Jersey Care to Fix Peeling Numbers

Now that you know how to fix peeling numbers, you may wonder how to care for your jersey to prevent numbers from peeling in the first place. We break down several steps you can take while washing your jerseys so that jerseys continue to look brand new.

Wash Your Jerseys on a Gentle Cycle

Because water and excessive washings can cause jersey numbers to peel, carefully wash your shirts on a gentle cycle. Wash your jerseys in cold water, as heat can cause the numbers to peel.

Turn Your Jerseys Inside Out

We recommend always turning your sports jerseys inside out before placing them in a washing machine. This simple step will prevent the plastic decal from being not directly exposed to the washing cycles, which contributes to the peeling process.

Line-Dry Your Sports Jersey

Wherever possible, line-dry your sports jersey instead of tumble drying them in a machine. Excessive heat from a drying machine can cause numbers to peel off your jerseys, so it’s always better to line-dry your jerseys.

Easy Steps to Keep Numbers from Peeling Off Your Jerseys

Numbers peeling off jerseys are part of the normal wear and tear for all sports fans and athletes. Luckily, we’ve shown you how to fix peeling jersey numbers in a few easy steps so that your jerseys can look good as new. If you have any questions on how to care for your sports jersey or fixing peeling numbers, contact us today.