Uncommon Sports Group and Locker Room Direct:

What do we support?

 Locker Room Direct exists to support the work of Uncommon Sports Group. But what does Uncommon Sports Group do? Check out our list of programs, media, curricula, and ministries below!


 Uncommon Sports Group

 Uncommon Sports Group is a faith-based, Christ-centered community of sport industry professionals. It works to see the sport industry changed for God’s glory. Through education, community, discipleship, and more, it provides relationships and resources to equip those working in the sport industry to prepare for the unique challenges and temptations that are so much a part of a career in collegiate or professional athletics.

 To learn more, visit us at Uncommon Sports Group.


 Clean Out for a Cause®

 The Clean Out for a Cause® provides equipment managers and other team employees to effectively “clean out” their used and excess gear. We offer free boxes, bags, and shipping to move inventory, cluttering up locker rooms, and taking up needed space. By donating used and excess gear, teams ensure that the impact of their donations are being maximized and addressing needs from within their own industry and departments.

 To learn more about our donations and programs, visit us at Clean Out for a Cause®.


 The USG Academy

 Uncommon Sports Group exists to come alongside members of the sport industry and support them in their careers and in their faith. The USG Academy is an 8-week training program for students and young professionals seeking to work in collegiate or professional athletics. Through our unique “Playbook” curriculum, the attendees are provided with opportunities to meet peers, industry professionals, and attend industry events. Additionally, attendees will be digging in to scripture and learning more about how faith can be a vibrant part of their daily life.


For more information, visit our USG Academy page today.


The CWS Conference: Christians Working in Sports 

A career in college and professional sports is too challenging to be navigated alone. Join hundreds of Christians working throughout every level and department of collegiate and professional athletics. There are many other Christians throughout your conference or league for you to encourage and be encouraged by. Come learn how to live out your faith and use your platform for God’s glory. Leave with a support system of brothers and sisters in Christ who are also committed to leading lives of significance in their careers AND homes. 

​Learn more about the conference schedule and register today at the CWS Conference.


More Ways to Connect 

Uncommon Sports Group provides our community with multiple ways to learn, interact, and get to know one another. Check out the list below to get plugged in: 


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