Welcome to Locker Room Direct 

Thank you for visiting Locker Room Direct! This site exists to provide support for our 501(c)3 non-profit, Uncommon Sports Group. 

Locker Room Direct sells items donated to us by members of professional and collegiate sports teams. These donations are facilitated through our Clean Out for a Cause® program.

 We provide several outlets for these donations: 

  • We forward some to Domestic and International Service and Relief Partners

  • Some items are used in our USG Impact boxes, providing food, clothes, and resources for homeless communities.

  • Other items are monetized, allowing us to fund our domestic service projects, international mission trips, continuing education, and scholarship programs. 

Locker Room Direct exists to provide an avenue for the third bullet point above.


Why monetization?

why-monitization.jpegSimply put, we provide the operational “work” needed to ensure resources can get where they need to be with the least amount of work involved for our donors and recipients. It can be difficult for organizations, schools, teams, etc., who do not have available warehouse space or an operations team to help organize and utilize donated gear and apparel. 

By taking on the space, warehousing, and selling costs, Locker Room Direct can support our partner programs and non-profit activity, freeing valuable time and resources for our benefactors. By removing the difficult steps, we can provide valuable funds to organizations and projects that need it, with little to no operational overhead.  

To learn more about how and why we use monetization to support our programs, visit our FAQ page. 


Who is Uncommon Sports Group? 

uncommon-sports-group-1.jpgCreated by former student managers, Uncommon Sports Group began as a class project in 2012. Our founder, Drew Boe, attended a mission trip to Rwanda in 2012. The experience changed his life.  

Drew’s three weeks in Rwanda allowed him to experience the transformational power of a mission trip firsthand, leading to the creation of the "Development through Service" motto. During his time as a graduate student at Virginia Tech, Drew further developed this idea with his graduate professors and mentors. 

Initially titled, Managers on a Mission, Drew founded an organization with the intention of utilizing the sport industry’s inventory of used and excess gear and apparel to provide service, missions, and professional development opportunities. These opportunities would be attended by students and young professionals working in collegiate and professional athletics across the country. 

uncommon-sports-group-2.jpgSince its inception in 2013, Uncommon Sports Group has invested over $500,000 into the development of student managers and other future leaders of the sport industry. The organization’s funding has come from more than 500,000 pounds of donated sports apparel and equipment through our Clean Out for a Cause® program.  

USG has used this funding to send over 200 students to our international missions trips and domestic impact weekends and has awarded more than 100 scholarships through our "Read and Reflect" scholarship program. Additionally, we’ve funded service projects in partnership with members of the professional and collegiate sports industry. 

To learn more about Uncommon Sports Group and it’s programs, visit us at uncommonsg.org.


Shop, Save, & Support 

shop-save-and-support.jpgBy shopping with Locker Room Direct, you are partnering with us to help provide funding for a wide array of impactful programs, domestically and across the world. 

WIth us, you will find team-issued, name-brand, new, and used athletic apparel and gear. We sell these items at great prices and use 100% of the proceeds to support the work of Uncommon Sports Group. How cool is that? 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you soon.